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NAME: Kurt Emerson Hummel
AGE: Twenty Six
SIGN: Aries
OCCUPATION: Journalist/Personality for Vogue
LOCATION: Miami, Florida
LIKES: Fashion, music, a good cup of coffee, Rom Coms, good sarcastic comments and the ever so cliché walks along the beach.

Just an RP blog. I have no affiliation with Glee, Ryan Murphy & Co. or Chris Colfer.


Miami. Nice. I might see you down on the beach soon. I’m thinking of taking a trip somewhere, and Florida is high up on the list. It’s either Florida or Cali, and Cali is so much further away, so I think I’m gonna be heading your way sometime soon. You work at Vogue? That’s… Really impressive. I have to admit, I’m a bit of a vogue fanboy. I can’t afford to have a subscription, but I read all the time, and I buy the issue if it looks amazing - Like the 2010 Marion Cotillard cover. That was just amazing. 


They’re both nice, though if you go to Cali aim for somewhere in the northern region of the state because the south has too many people to be truly enjoyable. Yeah, I remember that one, it was the first issue that came out right after I had started working there. Honestly, if you follow any of their interviews or read the magazine and not just glance through the pictures you’ve probably seen me. I do a bit of everything, though it;s mostly field press and journalism for the magazine. Well it;s nice to met you…uh, sorry I didn’t catch your name?

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You’ll get used to it pretty soon. Everyone here is really nice and welcoming. I’m Rachel, New York City born and raised. Miami and Vogue? That seems like a dream come true.


Well here’s to hoping, then, because I feel like a fish out of water right now. NYC huh? I spent a few years up there when I went to Columbia. And I travel there a lot, so it;s kind of like a second home to me. Yeah, it really is. I still question how I got so lucky in that department. Anyways, it’s nice to meet you, Rachel.

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Apparently this is my dad’s idea of ‘living a little’ but I still have no idea what in the world I’m doing here. I suppose an introduction is in order then. I’m Kurt and Miami is where I call home. However, spending time at the beach comes second to my job at Vogue. Ask away if there’s anything else, I guess.

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Spring/Summer 2015 collections

Dior Homme
Walter Van Beirendonck

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